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West Coast Poverty Center

Experts on Poverty & Policy

Asset Building

Sample topics: asset building policy, marginal tax rates, household banking practices, payday lending

Alexes Harris, Marieka Klawitter, Jennifer Romich

Crime and Criminal Justice

Sample topics: juvenile justice, prisoner re-entry, racial and ethnic patterns of incarceration 

Bob Crutchfield, Alexes Harris, Becky Pettit 


Sample topics: affirmative action, immigrant access, Latinos and higher education 

Frances Contreras, Roberto Gonzales, Charles Hirschman, Mark Long 


Sample topics: effects of low-income on families, poverty and childhood development, child care, child support policies, domestic violence and economic insecurity 

Taryn Lindhorst, Marcia Meyers, Robert Plotnick, Jennifer Romich

Health care

Sample topics: public health care funding , health disparities, health care access issues

Gunnar Almgren

Human Geography

Sample topics: public housing, tolling and the poor, rural-urban poverty dynamics

Rachel Kleit, Victoria Lawson 

Tax Policy

Sample topics: EITC, marginal tax rates and low-income work

Crystal Hall, Jennifer Romich, Robert Plotnick

Welfare / welfare reform

Sample topics: TANF sanctions, effects on child rearing, effects on childhood education

Marieka Klawitter, Marcia Meyers, Robert Plotnick


Sample topics: demographics, social mobility, immigration

Mark Ellis, Robert Plotnick

Sample topics: wages and benefits, unions, work-life balance issues, discrimination 

James Gregory, Marieka Klawitter, Becky Pettit, Jake Rosenfeld

Expert Contact Information

Gunnar Almgren, Associate Professor of Social Work
206 685-4077 /

Bob Crutchfield, Professor of Sociology
206 543-9882 /

Mark Ellis, Professor of Geography
206 616-6207 / 

Crystal Hall, Assistant Professor of Public Affairs
206 221-5237 /

Alexes Harris, Assistant Professor of Sociology
206 685-4763 /

Charles Hirschman, Professor of Sociology
206 543-5035 /

Victoria Lawson, Professor of Geography
206 543-5196 /

Taryn Lindhorst, Associate Professor of Social Work
206 616-2152 /

Mark Long, Associate Professor of Public Affairs
206 543-3787 /

Marieka Klawitter, Associate Professor of Public Affairs
206 616-1673 / 

Marcia Meyers, Professor of Social Work and Public Affairs
206 616-4409 / 

Robert Plotnick, Professor of Public Affairs
206 685-2055 / 

Jennifer Romich, Associate Professor of Social Work
206 616-6121 /

Jake Rosenfeld, Assistant Professor of Sociology
206 543-2376 /